John Winston Howard : the definitive biography

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Melbourne University Press

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Carlton, Vic.

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Van Onselen, P. M. and W. Errington (2007). John Winston Howard: The Biography. Melbourne, Melbourne University Press.


In John Winston Howard, a frank and engrossing portrait of the Prime Minister, Wayne Errington and Peter van Onselen contend that John Howard is the first professional politician the country has seen, who has left a deep and lasting impact on modern politics, government and the country. For the first time ever, in unprecedented and extensive interviews conducted by the authors with Howard's family, friends, political supporters and detractors, we get a rare insight into the man and the government he runs. The result is a portrait of how Team Howard operates, and why it has been so successful. John Winston Howard is a revealing study of the nature of modern politics, and of how dirty the game can get. Crucially, it offers an insightful understanding of the John Howard who lies between the public vitriol and the ungainly praise that passes as analysis.