Date of Award


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Edith Cowan University

Degree Name

Master of Science


School of Engineering


Faculty of Computing, Health and Science

First Supervisor

Dr Clifton Smith


This study has designed a theoretical mapping of complex element relationships within the field of physical security. The main purpose of the mapping is to form individual knowledge structures for modelling and provide a relative understanding of overall risk based on different combinations of physical security arrangements. An understanding of overall risk for modelling purposes should lead to improvements in providing support for decision making within this field. The final series of knowledge structures in this study have been represented by value matrices for element pair assessments within the topic of physical security. The values that have been presented in the knowledge matrices have been gathered from expert opinion and converted to numerical data as a demonstration for a holistic approach to modelling physical security elements. A profile for each respondent and each category group has been developed to be compared for their degree of similarity with other profiles. A correlation technique provides an indication of the degree of consensus within the results.