Contextual thesis Part I & Part II : Book of poems, "Looking off the Southern Edge" ; Stage play (full-length): Ecstasis

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Master of Arts


Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences.

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Professor Andrew Taylor


This thesis, which accompanies my book of poems Looking Off the Southern Edge and my full-length stage play Ecstasis, is submitted in two parts: Part-I and Part-II. Part-l contextualises the writing practice of the above poems in considering the epistemological, autobiographical and landscape contexts of my poetry. Part-I then discusses how the poetry is involved in the process of decentring subjectivity within the southern India/Pacific arena. It should be pointed out that Part-I was submitted and marked last year, as the first year component of the Master of Arts (Writing) course. It is included this year because much of its thesis informs Part-II (and indeed is referred to and referenced by Part-II), especially in terms of my general theoretical approach to writing poems, plays, as well as the relevance of my music, painting and stained glass practices. Part II mostly addresses the writing of the play Ecstasis. I have however, discussed why I have re-edited, augmented and re-submitted my book of poems. I have then contextualised the writing of the play, by addressing the areas of Apophasis and the Aporia of 'the story', An Ecstatic Dramaturgy and the Undecidable Subject, and Ecstasis and an Endemic Specificity. This play was written, workshopped and enjoyed a partially moved reading (as late as the 11th, November) in the course of this year. While the writing of the piece is addressed under the previous headings, the workshopping and reading process is discussed in Workshopping the 'Spectacle Text' in the Co-operative Medium of 'Theatre. I have also included Appendix (i) in support of this process, in particular, the changes inspired by the reading. The conclusion discusses some of the boundaries for my writing of A Poetry and The Spectacle Text for theatre, and hints at the context required for any writing of experimentation in the southern Indian/Pacific arena.

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