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Master of Arts


Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences

First Advisor

Dr Cynthia Vanden Driesen


This thesis consists of a collection of seventeen short stories and a critical essay of approximately 8000 words. Selected stories from this collection are discussed at varying length in the essay. Within the essay I have attempted to look at- and in one case in particular to demonstrate - the operation of some of the theories put forward by several literary critics- notably, Roland Barthes, Wolfgang lser, Mikhail Bakhtin and, to a lesser degree directly, Norman Holland. Not all of my stories were written with the specific purpose of having them conform to or elucidate a model: rather, to preserve what to my mind is implied in the term 'creative writing', only a few - one, perhaps - came to life as a technical exercise and the process of that tale's evolution is referenced in the essay.

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