Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


School of Computer and Information Science.


Computing, Health And Science

First Advisor

Assoc. Professor Arshad Omari


Universities, traditionally places of teaching and research, have seen and are continuing to see radical changes occur in the area of teaching and the methods of teaching delivery. The World Wide Web, or ‘Web’ has begun to subsume the classroom as the preferred means by which students access their tertiary learning materials, and ultimately, how academic staff deliver those materials. The delivery of learning via the Web takes many forms and is generically, and usually inaccurately, referred to by such names as e-learning, online learning, web-based training and web based education, using such technologies as virtual learning environments, learning management systems and learning content management systems. This study focuses specifically on the delivery of electronic learning materials in the support of both inclass and online teaching.