Date of Award


Document Type



Edith Cowan University

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Faculty of Communications, Health and Science

First Supervisor

Professor Kamran Eshraghian

Second Supervisor

Dr Alexander Rassau

Third Supervisor

Dr Stephan Lachowiez


In the span of a few years, mobile multimedia communication has rapidly become a significant area of research and development constantly challenging boundaries on a variety of technologic fronts. Mobile video communications in particular encompasses a number of technical hurdles that generally steer technological advancements towards devices that are low in complexity, low in power usage yet perform the given task efficiently. Devices of this nature have been made available through the use of massively parallel processing arrays such as the Intelligent Pixel Processing Array. The Intelligent Pixel Processing array is a novel concept that integrates a parallel image capture mechanism, a parallel processing component and a parallel display component into a single chip solution geared toward mobile communications environments, be it a PDA based system or the video communicator wristwatch portrayed in "Dick Tracy" episodes. This thesis details work performed to provide an efficient, low power, low complexity solution surrounding the massively parallel implementation of a zerotree entropy codec for the Intelligent Pixel Array.