Date of Award


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Master of Applied Science


Faculty of Science and Technology

First Advisor

Dr Lynn Embrey


Research to date on retirement from sport has been dominated by the study of United States, male, collegiate sports. Studies within Australia, which has a substantially different community based sport system, are just commencing. This study provided an insight into retirement from sport as it was experienced by former Western Australian elite female netball players. Using a qualitative interpretive approach a three stage interview process was employed to capture the individual experiences of each of the 15 participants. The interviewees were also asked to recommend interventions or strategies that netball associations could employ to assist players in their transition out of elite netball. Inductive analysis of the data revealed three factors experienced by the athletes retiring from elite netball: (a) it was an individual experience; (b) it was a transition which included a phase of assimilation; and (c) the athlete identity remained after retirement. Schlossberg's (1984) Model of the Individual in Transition was used to guide the study and analise the findings of this study. Nine strategies for implementation by the Netball Associations and players are provided.