Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Applied Science


Faculty of Science and Technology

First Advisor

Dr Jim Millar

Second Advisor

Dr Ken Mullin

Third Advisor

Mr Stuart Hope


As part of the undergraduate course offered by Edith Cowan University, the Department of Computer Science has (as part of a year's study) a software engineering group project. The structure of this project was divided into two units, Software Engineering l and Software Engineering 2. ln Software Engineering 1, students were given the group project where they had to complete and submit the Functional Requirement and Detail System Design documentation. In Software Engineering 2, students commenced with the implementation of the software, testing and documentation. The software was then submitted for assessment and presented to the client. To aid the students with the development of the software, the department had adopted EXECOM's APT methodology as its standard guideline. Furthermore, the students were divided into groups of 4 to 5, each group working on the same problem. A staff adviser was assigned to each project group. The purpose of this research exercise was to fulfil two objectives. The first objective was to ascertain whether there is a need to improve the final year software engineering project for future students by enhancing any aspect that may be regarded as deficient. The second objective was to ascertain the factors that have the most impact on the quality of the delivered software. The quality of the delivered software was measured using a variety of software metrics. Measurement of software has mostly been ignored until recently or used without true understanding of its purpose. A subsidiary objective was to gain an understanding of the worth of software measurement in the student environment One of the conclusions derived from the study suggests that teams who spent more time on software design and testing, tended to produce better quality software with less defects. The study also showed that adherence to the APT methodology led to the project being on schedule and general team satisfaction with the project management. One of the recommendations made to the project co-ordinator was that staff advisers should have sufficient knowledge of the software engineering process.