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Master of Education


School of Education


Faculty of Education

First Advisor

Dr L.H. King

Second Advisor

Dr N.H. Hyde


The aim of this study is to develop, by a deductive approach, a framework of strategies which would assist school administrative teams to form a school-based decision making group. Specifically, the strategies are aimed to increasing the participation of non-school-based community members in decision–making processes. Three focusing themes - the need for an overall plan the availability of adequate time and the provision of sufficient financial resources - are used as the structure for the literature review. Within these themes a number of strategies are identified which are relevant to the purpose of this study. Using a deductive approach, these strategies are assembled into a conceptual framework. The developed conceptual framework is suitable for most school situations in systems where much of the administrative functions of schools has been devolved to the school level. Some of the significant strategies in the conceptual framework were found to be the formation of an implementation team; organization of a timetable; the development, implementation and consideration of a community analysis; anticipation of difficulties; the establishment of an effective communication system; the development and implementation of specific motivational strategies; and evaluation of the change process. Although the conceptual framework is suitable for most schools, there may be some schools with certain characteristics where implementation of the outlined strategies would not be appropriate. In these cases modifications should be made to the conceptual framework of strategies. This study examines two situations where modifications could be required. In discussing the suggested modifications, the versatility of the conceptual framework is established as well as its validity reliability.