Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Faculty of Arts

First Advisor

Professor Ian G Malcolm

Second Advisor

Dr Graham McKay


The aim of the study has been to provide theoretical foundations on which padagogical approaches to the teaching of English tense-aspect complexes to EFL teacher trainees in Indonesian tertiary institutions can be based. The study investigates how expression of time and related concepts in English and Bahasa Indonesia (BI) can be compared with particular regard to pedagogical implications. Two major areas of investigation have been explored: 1. questions relevant to the general linguistic theory of tense and aspect and how the two languages compared fit into such a general theory; ii. questions relevant to how the teaching of English tense-aspect complexes can be seen as consistent with contemporary views based on Second Language Acquisition (SLA) research. Within the former area, the theory of tense as a deictic category and the related 'theory' of aspect developed by Comrie (1976, 1985) are reviewed. A model of tense-aspect complexes developed for the purposes of interlanguage comparison is presented. On the basis of the model the English tense-aspectcomplexes and BI 'temporal-aspectual complexes' are described. In relation to matters pertaining to SLA theory, thefollowing steps have been taken: (1) The speciflc requirements of Indonesian EFL teacher education have been considered in the light of contemporary SLA theory; (2) Textbooks currently used for the teaching of English tense-aspect complexes in Indonesian EFL teacher education at IKIP/FKIPs have been analysed; (3) Current practices and attitudes of the teacher trainers teaching English tense-aspect complexes to EFL teacher trainees at IKlP/FKIPs have been explored. In conclusion, approaches for presenting the English tense aspect complexes based on the major findings of the study are suggested.