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Master of Education


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Faculty of Education

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Dr Murray Lake


In Western Australia an increasing number of secondary school students participate in work experience programs. Different models of work experience are becoming more common. The Ministry of. Education promotes the use of four such models. The purpose of this study was to examine the outcomes of work experience, as perceived by secondary school students in selected Government Schools, to see if there were any differences according to the model of work experience used. These perceptions were further examined to see if there was a significant difference in perceived outcomes according to other independent variables of student gender, year level, geographic location, duration of work experience or recency of work experience. Data were collected by means of a questionnaire. Students completing work experience in the survey period in responding government secondary schools with appointed Youth Education Officers were asked to complete the questionnaire using a Likert Scale of attitude response. The results of the questionnaire were analyzed using multiple analysis of variance. This gave an objective measure of the extent of achievement, as well as indicating any significant differences according to the independent variable examined. The study concluded that work experience produces positive outcomes in areas related to the employability, career choice, educational attitude and social development of students.