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Edith Cowan University

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Master of Psychology


Faculty of Health and Human Sciences

First Supervisor

Associate Professor Noel Howieson

Second Supervisor

Dr Adelma Hill


Contemporary research on reading has investigated the use of parents and peer tutors in assisting schools to improve reading accuracy and comprehension. Some of the techniques that have been used are Hearing Reading, Paired Reading, Shared Reading, Relaxed Reading, Pause, Prompt and Praise and Direct Instruction. Of these techniques, Direct Instruction and Paired Reading have been shown to be the most effective programs using parents within the primary school setting. However, many studies in Paired Reading research have lacked experimental data using parents as tutors in high schools. The aim of this paper was to assess the impact of Paired Reading on the improvement of oral reading in a high school using parents as tutors. The subjects were 38 Year 8 students. A pre-test/post-test experimental control design was used with the two dependant variables of accuracy and comprehension. Specifically, the study sought to determine whether Paired Reading would produce higher levels of reading accuracy and comprehension than the existing school-based reading program. Results have shown that Paired Reading was not significantly better than the existing reading method used at school.