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Edith Cowan University

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Master of Education


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Faculty of Education

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Dr Len Vlahov


This study identified the developmental tasks undertaken by eight retired males during the retirement transition, described the processes of! earning and adjustment and discussed their influence on life-satisfaction. The study was an exploratory, descriptive case study, designed as an initial investigation into the phenomena of retirement in the 1990s. A qualitative design was appropriate to the study for it permitted the investigation of a wide range of inter related variables. The major instrument was a semi-structured but open-ended interview designed to gather comprehensive data relevant to understanding the retirement experience. An iterative process was used, which involved interviewing each participant on two occasions. The second of the interviews provided opportunities for gathering more sensitive data about the retirement experiences. The participants were actively involved in the investigation, they provided the initial data and also verified the interpretations and findings. AJI interviews were recorded by audio-tape and the coded transcripts were the major data source. A matrix of developmental tasks and processes of learning, and life-satisfaction in retirement was developed for the analysis, presentation and interpretation of the data.