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Master of Education


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Associate Professor John Williamson


The omnipresence of music in today's adolescent society in Australia is evidenced by the fact that adolescents, almost without exception, listen to and enjoy music throughout most of their leisure time, and indeed, much of their study time. A large portion of their financial resources is spent on music and its associated promotional material. It could be said that music plays a major part in their sub-culture and their lives. According to Davey (1991, p.ll), "Music is an addiction in our culture" and "the Walkman and ghetto blaster assure access wherever and whenever we choose." The obvious fulfilment and satisfaction enjoyed by our adolescents through music is not, however, reflected in the comparatively small number of students who choose or qualify to undertake music studies at high school. A study by the U.S. Department of Education (1988) cited by Patchen (1993, p.19) indicates that, while from Kindergarten to sixth grade 80% of students participate in music, in 7th and 8th grades this falls to 48% and by grades eleven and twelve only 9% of students participate in music classes.

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