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Edith Cowan University

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Master of Arts


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Faculty of Arts

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Professor Ian Malcolm


This research study attempts to assess the language attitudes among Botswana Cambridge '0' level Senior Certificate (COSC) students in relation to the official functions of Setswana and English. The study assumes that: (1) there is a general positive attitude towards English and Setswana and that allows for bilingualism; (2) the students are instrumentally motivated to learn English because of the socio-economic gains associated with it; (3) the students are integratively motivated symbol of nationhood to learn Setswana because Setswana is a and attitudes among L2 learners political independence; (4) in Botswana arc influenced language by the functions the language is perceived to perform at least as much as by the identification of the learners with the speakers. Subjects' attitudes were evaluated using a questionnaire in which some statements of social and political attitudes were included since they have direct influence on language. The subjects consisted of 240 Form V students randomly selected from four different senior secondary government schools. Four other Form V subjects were interviewed from the fifth government senior secondary school. The schools were randomly selected from urban and rural areas within Botswana. In addition, two lecturers from University of Botswana were interviewed.