Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts


School of Language, Literature and Media Studies


Faculty of Arts

First Advisor

Dr David McKie


The emergence of a new science paradigm has been identified. It is characteristically described as structuring an organic, holistic and ecological framework for understanding the nature of reality. The modern scientific paradigm with its characteristic underlying inorganic, reductive, and mechanistic vision of reality, discursively dominates Western societies' cultural sense-making with its attempts to unlock the 'mysteries' of nature. The radically different characteristics of the new paradigm science is linked to 'rising culture' articulated in the exploratory social change of alternative social movements. The holistic principles and ecological values found variously in the environment, feminist, and new age/holistic health, peace and indigenous people's movements link to the new paradigm. Both factual and fictional television texts engaging discursively with science, present a representational site for different cultural expression of the preferred meanings of ideology of two radically different paradigmatic frameworks.