Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


School of Computer and Security Science


Health, Engineering and Science

First Advisor

Associate Professor Chiou-Peng Lam

Second Advisor

Professor Ralph Martins

Third Advisor

Dr. Simon Laws


Data mining techniques have been used widely in many areas such as business, science, engineering and medicine. The techniques allow a vast amount of data to be explored in order to extract useful information from the data. One of the foci in the health area is finding interesting biomarkers from biomedical data. Mass throughput data generated from microarrays and mass spectrometry from biological samples are high dimensional and is small in sample size. Examples include DNA microarray datasets with up to 500,000 genes and mass spectrometry data with 300,000 m/z values. While the availability of such datasets can aid in the development of techniques/drugs to improve diagnosis and treatment of diseases, a major challenge involves its analysis to extract useful and meaningful information. The aims of this project are: 1) to investigate and develop feature selection algorithms that incorporate various evolutionary strategies, 2) using the developed algorithms to find the “most relevant” biomarkers contained in biological datasets and 3) and evaluate the goodness of extracted feature subsets for relevance (examined in terms of existing biomedical domain knowledge and from classification accuracy obtained using different classifiers). The project aims to generate good predictive models for classifying diseased samples from control.