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Edith Cowan University

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Master of Business


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Faculty of Business and Public Management

First Supervisor

Dr Dieter Fink

Second Supervisor

Stuart Garner

Third Supervisor

Dr Bill Hutchenson


The purpose of this investigative research is to provide quantitative detail to better understand the development and use of Executive Information Sysytems (EIS) in the Australian Manufacturing sector. This investigation is an extension of previous research done on EIS in Australia (Prevan, 1992; Pervan and Phua, 1997) and looks more closely at the independent variables of organisation size and industry type in their relationaship with the development and use of EIS. A broad literature review provides a descriptive model that gives some insight into the development and use of EIS over more than fifteen years. Over eighty per cent of the reviewed literary work comes out of the United States of America, with very little research done in an Australian context. A sample of 291 medium to large Manufacturing organisations around Australia was inviolved in a quantitative survey designed to measure the organisations' perceptions about the development and use of EIS. The survey comprised questions that were derived from a review of the literature, on the development and use of EIS in Australia and overseas. The major finding of this investigation was evidence that the stage of EIS development is based on industry type and not size of organisation and that the majority of large organisations wanted to spend no more on EIS than medium sized organistaions.