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Master of Engineering Science


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Faculty of Computing, Health and Science

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Associate Professor Sanjay Kumar Shukla


The stability analysis of rock slopes has been a challenging task for engineers

because the rock mass constituting the slope often has discontinuities in various

forms, resulting in different types of slope failures. The plane failure is one of the

rock slope failures observed in field situations when the discontinuity is in the form

of joint planes. There are several parameters including surcharge and seismic loads

that govern the stability of the rock slope against plane failure in field projects. The

limit equilibrium approach for the estimation of the factor of safety of the rock slope

against plane failure has been well accepted by the engineers in the past. Very

recently, attempts have been made to present analytical expressions for the factor of

safety of the of the rock slopes against plane failure, which are not in a generalised

form because they do incorporate most field parameters. Therefore, in the present

work, the analytical expression for the factor of safety of a single-directional

anchored rock slope (SDARS) is derived, along with a discussion of its special cases

in view of different practical situations. Parametric studies and design charts for the

stability of the SDARS are presented, and an illustrative example is included to

explain the calculation steps for the factor of safety. In order to investigate the effect

of multi-directional rock anchors on the factor of safety, an analytical expression for

a multi-directional anchored rock slope (MDARS) is also presented.

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