Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


School of Communications and Arts


Faculty of Education and Arts

First Advisor

Dr Nicola Kaye.

Second Advisor

Dr Christopher Crouch


This exegesis reflexively examines the role of the tacit in my intercultural creative exchange with a number of the Shipibo artists of Peru. Central to the research was a three month residency spent in Peru with these artists. The research reflexively examines the impact of the residency on my creative praxis.

In particular, the research explores how the process of hand-stitching, embedded within the day to day lifeworld, can offer a space for such intercultural exchange. Furthermore, the research focuses on the shared hand-stitching practices as part of a socially communicative process. This creative exchange is placed in the social and public space of a western art gallery to facilitate a broader critique with an audience regarding concepts such as the tacit, and the role of creative, intercultural exchange.

This creative research uses the methods of praxis and reflexivity as a way for my art practice to be critically situated among relevant theorists, artists and associated ideas. Two lenses are adopted to examine the creative praxis. The first is the tacit and how it locates the ineffable creative exchange between artists within an intercultural context. The second draws on critical theory, proposing the concept of reflexivity as a means for examining our shared hand—stitching practices. In particular it focuses on questions concerning the tacit, intercultural exchange facilitated by shared hand-stitching practices between us, as artists situated within a post-traditional, globalised world.