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Edith Cowan University

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Master of Education


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Faculty of Education

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Richard Berlach

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Dr Len Vlahov


Bible colleges are committed to helping students develop the skills which employers of their graduates are seeking in entry-level employees. Generally speaking, both colleges and employers are satisfied with the training and assessment in the cognitive and psychomotor domains, however the affective domain is of real concern to colleges and employers alike. This project sought to provide colleges with an instrument capable of assessing the developmental level of students in regard to the affective characteristics that employers of their graduates are seeking in entry level employees. There is a large body of literature, both secular and religious, suggesting that tertiary courses must include affective education if graduates are to perform their roles with any degree of excellence. The literature reviewed revealed that Christian organisations expect Bible college students to possess a range of character traits and, while a number of studies similar to the present project have been conducted, none of them has focussed on the characteristics that employers are seeking in new employees.