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Edith Cowan University

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Master of Nursing


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Faculty of Health and Human Sciences

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Rycki Maltby

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Janet Reinbold


As a result of improved treatment and management, adolescents with cystic fibrosis (CF) now have a longer life expectancy. Consequently, more adolescents will be transferred from paediatric to adult health care. Currently, transfer to adult health care takes place on an adhoc basis. Little research however, is available on adolescents with CF and the transfer process to adult health care. This transfer may be viewed as a significant life event for these adolescents and their families. A descriptive approach was used in this study to investigate the experience of transferring to adult health care for adolescents with CF. Seven adolescents with CF and their parents provided data on their perspective of the experience of the transfer to adult health care. Semi-structured interviews, based on Roy's Model of Adaptation, were conducted to obtain the data. The data were initially categorised into Roy's adaptive modes and then analysed using content &.analysis. Prom the findings it is apparent that the experience of transferring to adult health care was influenced by the developmental stage of the adolescent, and parental adaptive tasks. Haphazard preparation also contributed to a negative experience of transferring. Implications for nursing practice include the development and implementation of a p!anned programme for the transfer to adult health care. Future research will incorporate an evaluation of the transfer programme.

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