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Edith Cowan University

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Master of Education


School of Education


Faculty of Education and Arts

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Dr Graeme Lock

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Dr Geoff Lumis


This study was deliberately focussed upon the careful examination of a model of professional learning for Middle School teachers, which has at its core, a Teaching and Learning Framework depicting essential elements of effective teaching practice. Set within the context of Middle School classrooms in a Regional Independent school, the intent was to research the impact of the framework on the professional learning of a group of teachers. Research was also undertaken to investigate the effectiveness of feedback and analysis structured around the framework, using video recordings taken from classroom observations.

A group of eight Middle School teachers participated actively in the study to determine how the use of video-stimulated reflective processes might affect improvements in their practice and professional learning. Professional learning opportunities were examined and explored in termsof the impact of the observation and feedback cycle on individual teacher’s progress and against rubric levels within the framework.

At a time when the issue of the tenuous links between professional learning and school improvement is at the forefront of the educational agenda in schools and school systems, it is of significant importance to be able to reflect on a range of models designed to improve teaching, and in turn student learning outcomes in schools. The Teaching and Learning Framework including its subsequent feedback and professional learning processes investigated within this study served to add valuable perspectives to these links.


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