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Master of Science


School of Natural Sciences


Faculty of Computing, Health and Science

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Associate Professor Glenn Hyndes

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Associate Professor Ute Mueller


Fisheries agencies and industry are accountable for sustainable fishing practises from all sectors. Throughout Australia, commercial and recreational sectors have been the focus of monitoring programmes and management, yet charter boat industries have been providing a service to fee-paying recreational clients for decades and only recently have the industry become part of those monitoring and management programs. Charter boat industries exhibit characteristics of both commercial and recreational fishing sectors, charter operators are paid for a service and managed under a licensing framework, but their clients adhere to a set of recreational fishing regulations. Unlike the other two sectors, limited catch, effort and socio-economic data exist for the charter boat industry, although more catch and effort data has been collected from the Western Australian charter boat industry since late 2001. The main objective of this study was to assess the spatial and temporal trends in catch, effort and species composition of the Western Australia charter boat industry between 2002/03 and 2007/08 and develop an understanding of the social and economic framework of the industry and its clientele to identify potential implications for management and the future direction of the industry.

This thesis provides the first comprehensive examination of the charter industry in Western Australia and provides important information about the ecological, economic, social and governance perspectives. While this thesis attempted to cover all of these areas, it could not cover all in detail. It is essential that the charter boat industry of Western Australia is continually monitored, as it provides quantitative information that may assist in ensuring the long-term sustainability of the industry and fish stocks.

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