Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Education


School of Education


Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences

First Advisor

Dawn Penney


Healthy eating is a topic most people would consider they have an understanding of, yet it is an area which is not often addressed from a critical perspective. Healthy eating is freely discussed in society. It is a dominant discourse used commercially and frequently appears in educational 'texts', however the discourses surrounding healthy eating for children are not well analysed and are most often controlled by the media and often not challenged. A critical perspective to children's eating is adopted for this portfolio and multiple perspectives bought to bare regarding the globalisation of food cultures, and governance and policy influences on healthy eating for children. Healthy eating for children is presented and problematised as a concept while family changes in eating patterns and curriculum influences are interpreted and challenged through the development of a case study investigation of an educational intervention. Findings of the intervention indicate that families are struggling with the notion of healthy eating through a range of parental pressures whereas and any additional assistance regarding healthy eating for children is well received by parents and accepted by children.