Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Engineering Science


School of Engineering


Faculty of Communications, Health and Science

First Advisor

Mike Wetton

Second Advisor

Barry Kauler


This thesis is concerned with designing a Higher Layer Protocol (HLP) for small distributed microcontroller systems using a well-established network protocol: the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol which, currently, is widely used in the automation industries. Steps were taken to investigate three popular HLPs based on the CAN protocol: namely. Smart Distributed System (SDS), DeviceNet. and CAN Kingdom. Following the comparison of the three HLPs, the CAN Kingdom protocol was chosen for the task of designing the HLP in this project in order to satisfy the restrictions associated with small systems. Thus, the HLP (named the Small CAN Kingdom protocol) of this project was designed according to the principles of the CAN Kingdom protocol, which contains many advantages for open network solutions. This enables designers to enhance a system's performance relatively easily. A complete hardware and software design of a small CAN-based system, utilising the Motorola MC68HC 11 microcontrollers, the Intel 82527 CAN controller chips, and DS3695 (RS485 standard) transceivers has been described. This small system can be used to demonstrate the performance of the Small CAN Kingdom protocol. The development of the system software has also taken into account the rules associated with this protocol.

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Engineering Commons