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Thesis - ECU Access Only


Edith Cowan University

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Doctor of Philosophy


Faculty of Regional Professional Studies


This inquiry is a poststructuralist, feminist critique of my academic self practices as premised in enacting my theory and politics of an ethic of love (hooks, 1994b, 2000) in social work education. As such it is a very personal and professional story about my understandings and practices in a particular time, place, context and set of relationships (Flyvbjerg, 2001). At the same time it is a very political activity because of my inherent subjectivity and inter-subjectivity which means I am specifically located within and shaped by the very forces and practices I am seeking to understand and influence (Lather, 1991a, 1991 b) an active moral agent (Leonard, 1997) but not in circumstances of my own choosing (Griffiths, 1995).