Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Engineering


School of Engineering and Mathematics


Faculty of Computing, Health and Science

First Advisor

Dr Daryoush Habibi

Second Advisor

Professor Rafie Mavaddat


The Intelligent Reconfigurable Optical Switch (IROS) is an N x N optical switch that uses two reflective Liquid Crystal (LC) Spatial Light Modulators (SLM} in a "Z" configuration to steer the incoming beams from the input ports to the designated output ports. Currently, the maximum steering capacity of practical SLM is limited to few degrees. For a dense optical switch, this makes the optical path between the input and output fiber ports relatively long. When a Gaussian beam is switched from an input fiber port to an output fiber port in a long free space interconnection topology, the beam's illumination undergoes significant divergence, which contributes to power loss and induces cross talk on the output ports. A possible method to minimize these problems is to design an optical system to collimate divergent beams.