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Edith Cowan University

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Master of Education


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Michael P Breen


The idea of implementing a variety of teaching and learning activities to the teaching and learning of the Language Teaching Methodology Unit at the Department of English, Ho Chi Minh City Teachers' College has been proposed as a contribution to motivate the students in learning this Unit. These various activities, for example, guided reading, diary keeping, action research or task- based learning are quite new to the teachers and students and considered to be the recent methods of teaching and learning. This study has been carried out to let the teachers and students know what the recent methods are and see whether they think the methods are acceptable at their institution. It investigated the opinions of these teachers and students towards the various methods of teaching and learning to discover if they prefer the recent methods or the traditional ones. Their attitudes are the basis to work out effective strategies for the implementation of the new methods which will enhance their teaching, learning and professional development. . The research method is descriptive and the report includes the qualitative analysis of data collected through evaluation forms and interviews, as well as the quantitative analysis of the questionnaire. The findings indicate that all students and most of the teachers are aware of the benefits of the various ways of teaching and learning and find them acceptable in their situation. Only one of the three teachers expressed some beliefs about the appropriateness of the traditional methods in the teaching and learning situation in Vietnam. The report provides an insight into the attitudes of these teachers and students and prepares for the introduction of the various teaching and learning activities which are beneficial to the teaching and learning of the Methodology Unit and their language teaching profession.