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Master of Arts (Performing Arts)


Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)

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Dr Jonathan Paget

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Stewart Smith

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Anna Sleptsova


This dissertation examines the chamber works for piano and strings by Australian--‐born American composer, pianist, and teacher, George Frederick Boyle (1886–1948). Boyle was somewhat of a prodigy in his younger years and contributed much to Australia’s burgeoning concert scene. In 1905 he left Australia to study with Ferruccio Busoni, and from 1910 until his death he lived and worked in the United States, where he was on the faculty of some of the most prestigious music schools. Despite Boyle's eminence as a pianist, composer and educator, today he is almost forgotten. This dissertation offers a reappraisal of George Boyle through focussing on his chamber works for piano and strings. Editions of Boyle’s chamber works and a DVD recorded performance of these same works are included as part of this research project.

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