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The Thai education system is in crisis and has been for many years (Charupan, 2003). Questions have been asked as to the effectiveness of teaching English language in Thai schools. Teacher trainees receive no special English language training leading to feelings of insecurity when they graduate having to teach a language which they cannot speak or write correctly them self (Wekkert, 2000). Added to this teachers must also take into account parents' expectations, government and school policy and set curricula and texts. All of which tend to leave teachers feeling powerless and unable to be as creative as the current pedagogical thinking points to when teaching English language.

What can a teacher do to better prepare themselves for teaching English language? What do they need to consider when planning an English language lesson? It was the purpose of this portfolio to firstly discover what Thai teachers of English language in Bangkok identify as areas of need in their teaching. Then after gaining insight into the teachers' perceptions to use this knowledge to help them address these learning needs in the area of teaching English as a Foreign Language in Thailand.

The portfolio methodology uses an interpretive perspective. Research instruments used include a survey, questionnaire and an interview. This will enable triangulation of data increasing its validity and reliability. The results of the survey will direct the following questionnaires and interview.

The portfolio conclusion and recommendations include enhancing teaching practice by empowering teachers to not only teach the way they want but to become more reflective about their practice. A teaching package will have been designed which will give teachers a foundation in English language theory and methodology which they can use to develop professionally in this area.

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English language -- Computer-assisted instruction for foreign speakers.

English language -- Study and teaching (Primary) -- Thailand.

English language -- Study and teaching -- Thai


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