An examination of the relationships between strategic management and organisational performance in the Chinese hotel industry : a multiple-perspective approach

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Doctor of Philosophy


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Parrallel with theoretical developments in strategic management research, the ultimate goal in this thesis is to identify the reasons why some hotels outperform others in the Chinese hotel industry. Strategic management scholars and researchers have found empirically that an organization's performance is predominantly related to factors in its competitive market positions and organizational resources. Recently, a new strategic perspective, Stakeholder View (SHV), was proposed by Post, Preston, and Sachs (2002b). Although this new view has shed light into strategic management practice of organisations, little empirical research has been devoted to test this new theoretical proposition in the area of strategic management. Moreover it is not clear how relationships with an organisation's key stakeholders influence its performance. To test the SHV and investigate how an organisation's relationships with its stakeholders impact on its performance, particularly in relations with the two dominant strategic perspectives (market position view and the resource-based view of a firm), an integrated theoretical framework is developed to simultaneously examine the relationships between an organisation's stakeholder management, market positions, and resources, and their impact on its performance.

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