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Doctor of Education


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Faculty of Education and Arts


This portfolio focuses on issues associated with the education of Muslim children in Western Australia, within the broader national context. Based on ABS 1996 Census, Clyne (2001) states "there is a considerable potential demand for education within the Muslim community with at least 60 000 children within the compulsory years of schooling (5-15 years)" (pp. 118-119). However, according to the Islamic schools' principals, "approximately 10 percent of these children are enrolled in Islamic schools" (p 119). This means 90% of Muslim school children are enrolled in non-Islamic schools despite the fact that the community has 30 full time Islamic schools nation wide. At the moment, most Islamic schools are relatively small. In this respect, Buckley (1997) states: If we accept a total figure of 300,000 Muslims in Australia, and we estimate that 70% of them are school-age students, then these Muslim schools are catering for less than 2.5% of the total Muslim student population (p. 6)