Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


School of Medical and Health Sciences

First Advisor

Professor Robert Newton

Second Advisor

Dr Kevin Rowley

Third Advisor

Associate Professor Deborah Hersh

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The proposed study will provide an increased understanding in a much-understudied area of how the Australian Indigenous community perceives physical activity and the beneficial effects for improving health outcomes.

The PhD will be made up of three studies:

1) To design an exercise prescription that is culturally appropriate and specifically addresses the major Indigenous health issues around metabolic syndrome.

The first will be a cross sectional study that surveys the motivators and barriers to physical activity within the Perth Noongar community. The results of this study will be used to enhance the intervention section of the PhD. It will provide a more accurate and the best means of ensuring not only a greater uptake, but also ways of developing positive lifelong physical activity habits.

2) Determining the amount of physical activity taking place within the Noongar community.

Utilising the Global Physical Activity Questionnaire to measure the amount of physical activity and sedentary rates within the Indigenous community.

3) Evaluate the compliance and effectiveness of the developed intervention to inform future exercise therapy programmes for this population.

The second study will be a randomised control trial looking at the physiological responses to a combination of aerobic and anabolic (resistance) exercise. The significance of this aspect of the PhD will be to capture and record physiological and quality of life measures some not previous recorded in the Indigenous community. This will inform policy relation to the most appropriate targets for eliciting successful behaviour change to improve health in Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations


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