The management of Type 2 diabetes mellitus in Western Australians of Southern European origin

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Doctor of Philosophy


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Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a growing health problem both nationally and internationally. In Australia and Western Australia, prevalence rates have been increasing steadily over the past 20 years which has prompted the Commonwealth Government to implement strategies and recommendations encouraging increased attention relating to the various lifestyle aspects of type 2 diabetes. The strategies include aims to lessen the burden of type 2 diabetes on the health system and mortality and morbidity at the social level, and enhance the management, life expectancy, and quality of life for the individual. Drawing on this increased attention to lifestyle factors, this study focuses on lifestyle and ethnicity. This study identifies and describes the diabetes management strategies of Southern European-born Slav and Italian cultural groups, as well as an Australian-born Anglo-Celtic cultural group. Southern Europeans are a group at high risk for type 2 diabetes development, and form the second largest immigrant group in Australia after those born in the United Kingdom, and are one of the oldest migrant groups, having reached a peak in migration during the post-World War II immigration boom.

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