The role of lawfulness attitudes and product characteristics toward willingness to buy non-deceptive counterfeit branded products : the case study of Indonesian consumers

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Doctor of Philosophy


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The current study was designed to investigate Indonesian consumers' willingness to buy counterfeit branded products. Using a quantitative design, variables considered included extrinsic cues, lawfulness , attitudes (attitudes toward general lawfulness and espoused attitudes toward purchasing legality), and product perfonnance expectation. A particular emphasis was placed on the consumers' willingness to buy non--deceptive, counterfeit, branded products. Issues of status consumption and product involvement were also explored. The sample for the study consisted of executive post-graduate students of Magistrate . Management Program. The sample has been selected from three reputable universities in Indonesia: Of the 600 questionnaires: forwarded to prospective respondents, four hundred and seven completed questionnaires were returned for analysis. Final sample consisted of two hundred and fifty five males (62%) and one hundred and fifty one females (37.1%). The majority of the sample was aged forty or below. Utilising an experimental design, brand was found to be a significant influence for high product involvement (HP I), but not for low product involvement (LP I) in consumers' willingness to buy a non-deceptive counterfeit branded product. Retailer's reputation, however, did influence both HPI and LPI. Interestingly, there was , an indication that regardless of product category for HPI or LPI, the provision of a discounted price did not significantly influence consumers' wiliingness to buy a counterfeit branded product.

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