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Jane Loxton

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Edith Cowan University

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Master of Education


School of Education

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Dr Christine Cunningham

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Dr Marianne Knaus


Changes to education policies and the creation of new curricula in Western Australia (WA), such as the new WA Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) Curriculum in 2017, may place external pressure on teachers as they transition from existing to new curricula. The aim of this interpretivist study was to investigate the transition to the new WA HASS Curriculum in 2017. The experiences and perspectives of the school leaders and teachers in Pre-primary, Year One and Year Two (PP to Y2) in two Perth metropolitan independent schools was explored. The preparation undertaken by the early childhood teachers and leaders, and the opportunities and challenges faced by the participants that facilitated or inhibited the transition to the new HASS Curriculum in 2017 was also studied. Three key themes that emerged from the results includes the need for; supportive and effective leadership, appropriate professional learning, time to understand the new content and to source suitable resources for teaching and assessing the new WA HASS Curriculum effectively.


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