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Anne Polley
ORCID: 0000-0003-1579-2189

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Master of Public Health


School of Medical and Health Sciences

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Dr Leesa Costello

Second Advisor

Professor Jacques Oostuizen

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Associate Professor Melissa Stoneham

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Public Health planning in local governments in Western Australia (WA) is a relatively new approach to addressing local health needs. The Western Australian Public Health Act came into effect in 2016. The Public Health Act 2016 encompasses a range of legislative requirements, some of which include the development of Local Public Health Plans. A range of roles within the local government workforce therefore are likely to require support to plan and implement Public Health Plans, which in the past have not directly been a component of their role. There is limited understanding and evidence of the barriers and enablers that contribute to effective implementation of Public Health Plans in the Western Australian context. The research aims to determine the critical success factors associated with implementing Public health Plans in local governments within Western Australia.

This exploratory study encompassed a series of case studies from local governments in Western Australia that had implemented a Public Health Plan. Data was collected via in-depth interviews and document analysis. The results of this study articulate local government staff perspectives about the challenges and barriers faced when implementing a Public Health Plan. This study informs discussion around the training and resource requirements of staff in local governments in WA tasked with the development and implementation of Local Public Health Plans.


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