Geographical, temporal and environmental patterns of coral-Symbiodiniaceae-bacteria co-occurrences

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ORCID: 0000-0002-7973-8803

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Doctor of Philosophy


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Associate Professor Annette Koenders

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Dr Megan Huggett

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Dr Michael Stat

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Dr Andrea Paparini


Scleractinian corals harbor an abundant and diverse microbial community that plays a fundamental role in maintaining the fitness of the coral host. While much progress has been made in understanding the interactions between single taxonomic groups symbiotic with the coral host, we need to gain a better understanding of how multiple symbiotic groups interact, with the goal of identifying key symbionts likely to be part of processes that maintain host fitness across space, time and development. Thus, the overall aim of my thesis was to enhance current understanding of diversity of the two coral-associated microbial communities composed of bacteria and Symbiodiniaceae and their patterns of dynamicity and interactions, across different spatial, environmental and development states. This was achieved by analysing existing datasets and using extensive field collections, deep-sequencing techniques, experimental manipulations and network analyses...

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