Amy Price

Date of Award


Degree Type

Thesis - ECU Access Only

Degree Name

Master of Education


School of Education

First Advisor

Dr Kuki Singh

Second Advisor

Dr Rozita Dass


The purpose of this research was to observe the addition of video analysis as a tool in collaborative reflection as teachers worked through a series of lessons that formed a shared international school project. Specifically, the focus was on investigating how collaborative reflection, with the inclusion of video analysis, could promote critical inquiry into pedagogical practice. This may support teachers in providing intercultural experiences for students, and lead to action which could help in achieving learning intentions.

Global education is a significant aspect of the Australian Curriculum and is considered an essential component of student experience. This is highlighted with the inclusion of Asia as part of this experience, specifically Australia’s engagement with Asia as a cross-curriculum priority, and intercultural understanding as a general capability. Global education experiences can provide a basis for students to examine world views and become active participants in the global community. Although intercultural understanding as a general capability is an important aspect of curriculum, concern has been raised in relation to teachers effectively embedding it in teaching and learning programs, highlighting a need for teacher support.

A collaborative approach focusing on sharing ideas and experiences through critical reflection, could be a strategy to support teachers within schools as they develop and implement educational experiences relating to the general capabilities, and more specifically for the purpose of this study, the General Capability of Intercultural Understanding.

Through the collection of qualitative data from video enhanced collaborative reflection meetings and dyadic interviews, the study found that video analysis affirmed approaches taken by teachers in the planning and delivery of activities. Video enhanced collaborative reflection supported teachers in their focus on specific teaching strategies and led to changes in practice that could be applied in a wider context.