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Elle Peacock

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Thesis - ECU Access Only


Edith Cowan University

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Master of Education


School of Education

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Associate Professor Glenda Campbell-Evans

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Dr Janet Hunter


Teacher views of writing can impact upon students and learning (Baer, 2008; Fang, 1996; Lambirth, 2016; Werderich & Armstrong, 2013). It is therefore important that teachers are conscious of and reflect upon their views of writing. This study aimed to gain a clearer understanding of West Australian teacher conceptions of “good” writing and how these views appeared to be formed in a Year One and Two context qualitative approach was employed, with four Year One and/or Two teachers participating in think-aloud protocols and a semi-structured interview. Data was analysed using thematic coding. Each teacher was analysed individually before comparisons occurred to explore the similarities and differences in teacher views and practices. The findings revealed that the participants focus on the more constrained aspects of writing and rely on systemic documents and the knowledge of their colleagues to make judgement decisions. The study also found that teachers may lack some knowledge and metalanguage specific to the Language strand of the Australian Curriculum: English. Recommendations are made to address these findings and the limitations of the study are presented.