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Sarah Jane Tamburri
ORCID: 0000-0003-0753-1827

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Master of Education


School of Education

First Advisor

Associate Professor Paula Mildenhall

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Dr Fiona Budgen


Researchers and policymakers agree that all children can learn mathematics, and research has shown that teaching practices have a significant impact on student learning and achievement. Therefore, it is important that teachers are supported in their development as professionals and mathematics educators. This research gives a voice to a small number of primary school mathematics teachers, providing insight into their experience of mathematics education, from their perspective. In-depth interviews form the basis of data collection and these have been analysed through a transcendental phenomenological approach. The insights gained into teachers’ experiences and perspectives provide a deeper understanding of their role and opens the door to a necessary conversation on what success in mathematics looks like and how it can be best supported. The feeling of being time-poor was significant, contributing to a situation where teachers faced a choice between what they think would be best for students and meeting external requirements. The participants described how different schools vary, and how different working environments have impacted their experience of mathematics education. These new understandings have implications for policymakers, school leaders and professional learning providers, as they lead to recommendations regarding the curriculum, supportive working environments, and necessary resources for teachers.

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