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Rebekah Louise Wilson

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Edith Cowan University

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


School of Medical and Health Sciences

First Supervisor

Professor Daniel Galvão

Second Supervisor

Professor Robert Newton

Third Supervisor

Professor Dennis Taaffe

Fourth Supervisor

Dr Nicolas Hart

Fifth Supervisor

Associate Professor Philippa Lyons-Wall


This thesis encompasses six main chapters - two reviews and four experimental chapters, in addition to a general introduction and discussion.

Review 1 (Chapter 2) is a discussion of the negative impact of obesity on prostate cancer prognosis and common prostate cancer treatments.

Review 2 (Chapter 3) is an evaluation of the current literature examining prostate cancer patients receiving androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) and how exercise and nutrition interventions can be used to induce fat loss, while preserving or improving lean mass.

Study 1 (Chapter 4) is an examination of the efficacy of a weight loss program in altering body composition in overweight and obese prostate cancer patients scheduled for a robot assisted radical prostatectomy.

Study 2 (Chapter 5) is an examination of the efficacy of a 12-week weight loss intervention to reduce fat mass and maintain lean mass in obese prostate cancer patients receiving ADT, with quality of life outcomes reported in an accompanying chapter (Chapter 6).

Finally, study 3 (Chapter 7) is an investigation of the effect of a 12-week self-managed home-based exercise and nutrition program on body composition, physical function, and quality of life in obese prostate cancer patients receiving ADT who had previously completed a 12-week weight loss program.