Emma Fishwick

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Emma Fishwick

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Thesis - ECU Access Only


Edith Cowan University

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Master of Arts


Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts

First Supervisor

Renée Newman

Second Supervisor

Jonathan W. Marshall

Third Supervisor

Michael Whaites


At the centre of this research is the notion of landscape and how thinking and talking about landscape impacts choreography. The result of the research is a new work, Dance, Quiet Riot, and an exegesis discussing the process of making it as well an exploration of various art forms, field experiences and the area of cultural geography. I use the development and presentation of Dance, Quiet Riot as a case study or creative artefact, if you will, for how landscape discourse can support and intersect with choreographic practice. This exegetical discussion understands landscape as a relational conversation between the human and non-human, shaping the way one moves through and sees the world. I argue that ideas of landscape can be used as a tool for choreographic practice and propose that this process can be applied effectively to choreography across multiple or singular art forms. Dance, Quiet Riot explores themes of gendered visual materiality and how such ideas (quietly) underpin my way of seeing and moving in the world. These themes are discussed throughout the exegesis, however, they are considered secondary to the focus of the research itself, which is landscape as a tool for choreography. This research asks how might approaching choreography as a type of landscape (symbolic rather than literal) shape how choreography is made, watched and performed.