Reconstruction of environmental change during the Holocene based on the multiproxy study of sedimentary archives

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Axel Werner

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Edith Cowan University

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Master of Science (Biological Sciences)


School of Science

First Supervisor

Paul Lavery

Second Supervisor

Oscar Serrano Gras

Third Supervisor

Tomohiro Kuwae


Monitoring-based management is expensive and short scaled. The long-term history recorded in natural archives, which encompass pre-anthropogenic periods, allows deciphering of shifting baselines to define reliable management targets. The research presented in this thesis reconstructs millenary environmental change using novel natural archives and proxies. The results validate glomalin as a new and cost-effective proxy to reconstruct land-use change in colluvial soils, and show the benefits associated with coastal management actions since 1970s to reduce metal/nutrient pollution in a coastal setting. The information gathered improves our understanding of the impacts of global change, and provides crucial insights for improving management.

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