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Jaxon Hogan

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Thesis - ECU Access Only


Edith Cowan University

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Master of Education


School of Education

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Dawn Penney

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Eibhlish O'Hara

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Joseph Scott


Physical literacy (PL) is important in promoting lifelong physical activity. Research suggests that schools can play a significant role in providing an environment for children to develop their PL and improve their motivation to be physically active. The Australian Physical Literacy Framework, published in 2019, encourages Health and Physical Education teachers to embed PL into their programs and develop ways of assessing students’ progress in PL. However, educational research shows that teachers face challenges in measuring progress in relation to PL.

This study sought to advance the knowledge and understanding of how teachers in primary schools can support students’ PL learning journeys using quality assessment, specifically e-portfolios. Purposive samples of Physical Education (PE) experts, primary PE professionals with extensive experience in PL and/or assessment and professionals with experience using e-portfolios and digital technologies participated in semistructured interviews. The findings showed that all stakeholders recognised the potential benefits of e-portfolios in evidencing and supporting a student’s PL learning journey. Specifically, this study identified e-portfolios as a powerful tool for engaging students in their PL journey and facilitating opportunities for self-reflection and progress evaluation. The findings also highlight the importance of meaningful assessment for students and the benefits of implementing whole-school approaches to support PL and quality assessment in PE.