Managing asymmetric threats to national security - terrorist information operations

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Doctor of Philosophy


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Faculty of Business and Law


To determine an appropriate methodological approach for managing asymmetric threats to national security, this study investigates factors affecting Australia's national security from the information operations of terrorist groups and their use of such to conduct Information warfare. This is because personal observations and discussion with those operating In the national security arena alert to the need for research into this area. The reasoning examined provides the merit and purpose for conducting the research, and support from a myriad of parties allows it happen. This research's fundamental concept is the social constructs of meaning from interview participants using a constructivist ontology, interpretlvlst epistemology and qualitative approach paradigm. Selection of the constructivist ontology occurs due to the research aim and for understanding the perceptions of interview participants. The interpretivist approach gives the framework for interpreting meaning of the perceptions in an appropriate context and a qualitative approach using soft systems methodology allows this to happen.

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