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Doctor of Philosophy


Faculty of Business and Law


This study was prompted by the stagnation facing the Taiwanese Government in promoting elite sport and pursuing sporting achievement at the Olympic Games. The main purpose of the study was to explore and compare the national government elite sports systems (NGESS) of Australia and Taiwan and make recommendations for Taiwan to improve its elite sports development and performances at future Olympics. To accomplish this purpose, the present study examined the similarities and differences between Australia and Taiwan in terms of stakeholders' viewpoints on the definition of Olympic success; the profiles of the current national government elite sport agencies; the mechanisms of the government elite sport agencies at national level; and environmental influences affecting elite sport and the mechanisms of the respective NGESS. The study utilised a qualitative design. Data were collectcd through document analysis and the Delphi technique. In conducting the Delphi technique, a four-round Delphi survey was undertaken in the respective countries using electronic questionnaires. Participants included 24 sport experts in Australia and 32 in Taiwan. A comparative data analysis of the documentary evidene and the Delphi survey was conducted and findings reported.

LCSH Subject Headings

Sports and state -- Australia.

Sports and state -- Taiwan.

Sports administration -- Australia.

Sports administration -- Taiwan.