Andrew Burke

Date of Award


Degree Type

Thesis - ECU Access Only

Degree Name

Master of Arts


Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences

First Advisor

Glen Phillips

Second Advisor

Andrew Taylor


This presentation includes two collections of poetry and one essay. There are two collections of poetry because one of them, Flight Log, is a 'Selected Poems' which necessarily includes much work not written during the course of my MA. However, I contend that the process of constructing a 'selected' collection is as creative as the editing process one knows through writing poetry, and that respect for one former creativity is a vital part of the artist's continuing productivity. The new manuscript, Whispering Gallery, is the text of my fifth book, published by Sunline Press in November 2001. Originally it was envisaged as a collection of contemporary haibun in a form predominantly created by John Tranter, but creating to a set form became a chore rather than a creative delight, so I returned to a fundamental lyric form for many of the later poems. Hopefully it now has a wide range of tones and moods yet is cohesive through form and content.