Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy


School Of Exercise, Biomedical and Health Science


Computing, Health And Science

First Advisor

Prof. Rob Newton


Rugby league football is a popular game in Australia, which appears to rely heavily upon strength, power, speed and endurance due to the nature of the phyiscal contacts. In an effort to discern the importance of upper body strength, power speed and endurance to rugby league players a retrospective data analysis was performed. Three areas of investigation were: 1) the testing of upper body physical qualities of strength, power, speed and strength-endurance and their significance to playing status in the elite national first-division (NRL), second-division (SRL) and third-division (CRL), 2) the effect of acute training variable manipulations upon power output and 3) the nature, scope and magnitude of chronic adaptations in strength and power in a multi-year period in professional rugby league players.